Jenny Jones Vows to make London the "Fair Pay City"

As Green Party Launches London Mayor Campaign

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Jenny Jones
Green Party Mayoral Candidate Jenny Jones

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The Green Party’s Jenny Jones launched her campaign to become Mayor of London with a promise to end the reign of Greater London Authority (GLA) fat cats.

Outside City Hall the former Deputy Mayor declared her aim to make London the ‘Fair Pay City’, starting with a 10:1 maximum pay ratio for employees of organisations within the GLA group.

Jones said: “My campaign to become Mayor will be focused on bringing fresh ideas to London. Making the capital into the ‘Fair Pay City’ is just one aspect of our fight for a fairer, cleaner, greener capital.”

Under the plans, which represent one aspect of the Party’s mini-manifesto released today, those working for organisations such as City Hall, Transport for London and the police could not pay the lowest paid workers less than 10 times the amount of the highest paid.

During Boris Johnson’s Mayorship the number of people within the GLA group earning more than 10 times the Living Wage has risen by 56% (from 62 to 97). The Chief Executive of Crossrail, Rob Holden, earns £857,134: a figure approximately 55 times the Living Wage (1).

Jones said: “A 10:1 maximum pay ratio would seriously reduce the pay gap in our city. It is unacceptable to use the economic crisis to defend paying workers less than the amount needed to support a family at the same as paying out colossal salaries to chief executives.”

“The Green Party has shown in London and elsewhere that when elected it can reduce inequality, promote fairness and help create a better city. Every vote counts in next year’s elections, with Londoners being able to chose their Mayor and their London Assembly Members - elected under proportional representation.

“The campaign to make London a ‘Fair Pay City’ shows that as Mayor I would stand up for ordinary Londoners, institute more responsible financial governance of the capital and help create a better place for those who live and visit the capital.”

October 14, 2011