Latest Data Suggests Sharp Rise in Covid Cases in Hounslow Borough

Public Health head says action needed to stave off lockdown measures

Hounslow’s director of public health Kelly O’Neill
Hounslow’s director of public health Kelly O’Neill
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Hounslow’s director of public health has warned cases in the borough are rising, as fresh data suggests the weekly rate of cases could be as high as 51 per 100,000 people.

New figures by the Press Association shows Hounslow’s rate of new cases in the seven days to September 26 stands at 51.2 per 100,000 – that’s double the rate of new cases recorded up until September 19 at 25 per 100,000.

The latest cases appear to be spread across the borough with all areas seeing an increase but the worst affected being Heston West and Cranford which both saw 14 cases in the week to 26 September.

The numbers are ahead of the government’s weekly published data, which currently shows Hounslow’s weekly rate at 25.5 per 100,000 between September 11 to 17.

On Friday, September 25, London was placed on the government’s national watchlist over growing concern of coronavirus spreading across the capital.

Boroughs are separately listed, with Hounslow ranked as the sixth-highest authority to watch from the London group of councils.

In a message to residents, Hounslow’s director of public health Kelly O’Neill said: “In Hounslow, COVID-19 cases are rising. The virus can spread quickly if we drop our guard and London is now on the national watch list because of this increase in cases.

“Although the cases are mainly in our working age population, we need to prevent spread to our more vulnerable people.

“Now is the time for us to take action together and in doing so keep ourselves, our families and our communities safe.

“If we do this we can contain the spread of the virus; we can avoid another lockdown, keep Hounslow open, support our businesses and keep priority services, including schools, open.”

The borough health chief urged residents to “be mindful” of their actions, and that people are most at risk in busy crowds, confined spaces or close contact with others.

She also called for people eligible for the flu vaccine to get their jabs.

“The risk of severe illness and death more than doubles for people who test positive for flu and COVID-19,” she said.

“If you are eligible for your flu vaccine, prioritise one thing today – protect yourself from the double threat of flu and coronavirus. Make an appointment with your GP or visit your local pharmacist.”

Anahita Hossein-Pour - Local Democracy Reporter

September 30, 2020

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