Concern Over Richmond Park Charges Plan

Council warns it could turn Richmond Park into a no-go area for many people.

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The Royal Parks Agency has just begun a 12 week consultation on plans to charge drivers to use car parks. At present parking is free in Richmond Park.

But councillors are warning that the proposals will hit those on low incomes hardest, especially the elderly and young families, and could deter many from visiting the park.

Council leader Edward Lister said: "Most visitors have no choice but to take the car because public transport into the park is just about non-existent.

"All of which makes the move to impose new car park charges indefensible. The RPA haven't even stopped to think what the consequences will be for adjoining residential areas in Roehampton, which will suffer overspill parking as drivers seek to avoid the charge.

"And most people will think it outrageous that a Government body can even think of introducing such a levy without considering the consequences for neighbouring communities or putting in place alternative means of transport.

"The charges will be particularly unfair on older residents, parents with very young children and others with limited incomes. We will be telling ministers and parks bosses to think again."

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February 3, 2009