Putney Bridge Reopened Friday Morning

Morning traffic flowing well and bus routes back to normal

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As promised, Putney Bridge reopened at 5am today, Friday, September 26 following its £1.5m facelift – two weeks ahead of schedule.

TfL says that morning traffic is once again flowing well across the bridge and buses which cross from Fulham to Putney - 14, 22, 39, 74, 85, 93, 220, 265, 270, 424, 430, N22 and N74 - have returned to their original routes.

The Grade II Listed bridge has undergone extensive repairs to protect it against water penetration and seen many of its ornate Victorian features completely refurbished and revitalised.

As well as new weatherproofing and a brand new road surface, new paving stones have been laid on its footpaths and its drainage systems have been upgraded. Vegetation growing on the sides and underneath the bridge structure has been removed and the damage caused when a bus crashed into its parapet wall in July has also been put right.

Ahead of its reopening, this week saw the bridge’s ornate Victorian iron lamp columns reinstated. These have been fully refurbished and restored by skilled craftsmen and fitted with modern LED lights to make them shine brighter.

Final tasks also included laying down new road markings, completing the installation of street furniture such as litter bins, signage and bus stops and resurfacing the road on the Fulham side of the bridge, which is badly rutted from buses. This was not originally included in the works programme but has now been added to improve the travelling experience for bus passengers and drivers. The asphalt laid at this location is of a special hardness that is better suited to the wear and tear caused by heavy vehicles.

In addition the traffic lights at the junction with the Lower Richmond Road have been modernised and upgraded by Transport for London.

Repairs to the subway on the Fulham side of the bridge have been put on hold until approval is given for its specialist wall facings to be installed, but as an interim measure it has also re-opened to the public on Friday.

Repairs to the bridge began in mid-July and were originally timetabled to last around 13 week until mid-October, but they have been completed in just under 11.


September 28, 2014