Wandsworth Gives Backing For BAA Break-up Call

and calls for the Government to review the 2003 airports white paper

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Cllr Lister was responding to the publication of the Competition Commission's interim findings of its investigation into the supply of airport services by BAA.   You can view the report at www.competition-commission.org.uk  

Cllr Lister said:  
"It is hard to imagine any argument for preserving the BAA monopoly. The company's stranglehold on the London airports has enabled it to exert an unhealthy influence on the Department for Transport.  

"Breaking the monopoly is the only way to improve the customer experience. This may lead to pressure for more capacity form the new owners but this is for the Government to resolve.  

"Our view is that the white paper on which the current  expansion is based is out of date. Ministers should tear it up and start again and take a proper look at the climate change impacts of uncontrolled growth and the potential for new high-speed rail links to provide alternatives to short haul flights."  

The 2M Group will submit a full response to the Competition Commission which has invited comments by May 30

April 24, 2008