Listen up on Heathrow health concerns says Hounslow

"The Good, the Bad, the Expansion"


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Hounslow Council has repeated its call for a comprehensive health assessment on the impact of Heathrow.  

The call comes as the deadline looms today for organisations to feed back their views on regional connectivity of the UK’s airports to the Airports Commission.  

Cllr Amrit Mann, deputy leader for Hounslow Council and cabinet member for environment, said: “We have called for a comprehensive health assessment on the impact of Heathrow but unfortunately it has fallen on deaf ears so far.  

“We have taken another opportunity to repeat this call because our residents deserve a better – not a bigger Heathrow.”  

Hounslow also made other points on its feedback to the Airports Commission on regional connectivity. These are:

    • More slots at Heathrow because Hounslow suspects they will ultimately be used by the large airlines to fly the most profitable routes (North America & Far East) rather than choosing to fly to the regions
    • The lifting of the planning cap at Heathrow as it would result in an increase in flight numbers, leading to more noise pollution and road congestion

The impact of Heathrow on Hounslow has been summarised in a video in The Good the Bad the Expansion – in which residents, school teachers, business people, councillors and officers, talk about how crucial Heathrow is to the borough.

July 25, 2014