Teething Problems For Hounslow Council's New Refuse Service

Special weekend catch up for those whose rubbish was missed

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ChiswickW4.com and BrentfordTW8.com

Hounslow Council's new waste collection service which was transferred from contractor Suez to in-house Recycle 360, had some teething problems in its first week.

What the Council described as "a small backlog of missed collections from Thursday and Friday (3/4 November)" was due to the changeover to the new operator.

A Council spokesperson said Chiswick was affected on Wednesday but that all roads were cleared on Thursday. 

A catch up collection were to be made on Saturday 5 November for anyone who was missed.

Recycle 360, the new operator is a trading arm of the wholly council-owned Lampton 360 and the council has brought the collection back in house. Residents whose collection has been missed are asked to leave their bin or recycling bags and boxes at the boundary of their property until Saturday evening.

"The delays have come about following a change in the waste collection contract from Suez to Recycle 360. Recycle 360 apologies to residents affected by a missed collection and will be making extra efforts to ensure no further delays occur as the contract progresses"

Chiswick councillor John Todd has been critical of the way in which the new service has come about for reasons which he outlined recently in a blog on this website.

The council’s contract with Suez ended on Friday (28 October). The new contract aims to "raise service standards and improve the recycling and waste collection services that residents currently receive", according to the Council.

Contractual improvements include:
• Where and how bins and recycling boxes are returned
• Clearance of any waste spillage
• Professional crew behaviour.

Anyone who has not received a collection by Saturday evening should email recycling@hounslow.gov.uk with ‘Missed Saturday Collection’ in the subject header of their email. This will enable them to arrange a remedial collection by Monday evening, 7 November.

November 5, 2016

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