No ‘Fat Cat’ Salary Boom Say Hounslow

Number of staff paid over 100,000 pounds up by 45%

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Hounslow Council have significantly increased the number of staff paid over £100,000 according to their latest set of accounts.

The report for the financial year 2013 shows that the number of people in this bracket was 16 compared to 11 in 2012 an increase of 45%. A spokesperson for the Council said that the number has risen due to redundancy payments and the number of staff currently employed by the Council paid more than six figures is only six.

A former Director of the Environment received total payments of over £200,000 during the year but the current director’s salary is £134,000. The highest paid person at the Council is believed to be Mary Harpley who received £167,045 in financial year 2013. This increases to over £200,000 if pension contributions are included.

The Council paid £1,339,000 in redundancy costs for 46 people. This is down on last year when £1,918,000 was paid out to 90 people for voluntary and involuntary redundancy.

The Council made employer’s contributions of £28,704,000 into the staff scheme but it still has a deficit of £281 million. The salary figures given by the Council do not include employer’s contributions to pensions, with this included the number of staff on over £100,000 would be higher.

Leader of Hounslow Council, Cllr Jagdish Sharma said “As part of our determination to get best value for council taxpayers, this council has cut the number of directors and layers of management and the council’s wage bill. Despite the reduction in funding from the Government, it’s why this council has been able to cut council tax for two years running, which is practically unique for a London council.”

February 25, 2014