Free Parking on the High Street Now Says MP

Mary Macleod asks Hounslow Council to implement plan immediately

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Mary Macleod, the MP for Brentford and Isleworth, is calling upon Hounslow Council to implement plans for free short term parking on the borough's high streets immediately to help under pressure local businesses.

She took to Twitter to reply to Hounslow Council, who had previously responded to Mary’s parking campaign with a link to a news story on the Council’s website, written this April.

Mary said,“If Hounslow Council want to expand their free parking scheme as I have suggested, that’s great, but what’s the delay? Local people and businesses want this now. I am also anxious to hear from them about the ‘HounslowCard’ idea I put to them in my letter, which would both really help our local independent shops and make parking easier for residents.”

Mary is still waiting for a written response to her letter of the 5th August from Council Leader Jagdish Sharma and Cllr Ed Mayne, Cabinet Member for Transport.

She added: “I want to have a fair parking system that benefits local residents and helps support our local high streets and shops. It will help in building a stronger local community.”

The Hounslow Card she is supporting would allow residents to pay for parking via the card and provide discounts to local shops signed up for the scheme as well as enabling discounted parking for elderly residents and students.

Earlier this year it was revealed that more parking fines were issued on Chiswick High Road than any other road in the UK.

Council spokesman said, “The council currently allows 30 minutes free parking in certain small and medium sized shopping parades. We are exploring where else this could be applied and how it would work, a card is one option but there are others that may be more appropriate.”

August 23, 2013