Locals Want A Better Not Bigger Heathrow Airport

Initial results of Hounslow Council's borough-wide survey

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The 'Make Some Noise Over Heathrow' survey by Hounslow Council has found that nearly three-quarters of local residents are against airport expansion or extra flights, but two-thirds would not like to see the airport closed because it would affect the local economy.

People also want a ban on night flights (11pm-7am) and better noise insulation for homes and schools.

The analysis is based on 3,000 responses or one-third of the initial total. However the Council does not expect the percentages to change more than 1-2% in the final analysis. The questionnaire was sent to every household in the borough and online and finished last week.

72 per cent of residents said they are against expansion, but 64 per cent said they did not want to see a new hub airport built if it meant losing Heathrow.

Residents were also overwhelmingly in favour of a ban on night flights between 11pm and 7am (83 per cent) and a huge 94 per cent want better noise insulation for schools and residents living under the flight path.

Councillor Colin Ellar, deputy leader of Hounslow Council and cabinet member for environment, said: “Hounslow residents have spoken and they are saying loud and clear, we don’t want a bigger Heathrow - we want a better Heathrow.

“It’s now time for Heathrow and all stakeholders to grasp the nettle and make a decision in the interests of our residents and the nation.”

Heathrow’s importance to Hounslow’s economy was underlined with 87 per cent of respondents saying the airport was very or slightly important. 55 per cent of respondents added that Heathrow was beneficial to their families.

Leader of Hounslow Council, Councillor Jagdish Sharma, said: “Hounslow is the borough most affected by Heathrow in terms of noise and the economy – our findings reflect these facts.”

  • The initial findings of Hounslow’s community consultation – Make Some Noise Over Heathrow are:

72%  do not think Heathrow should be allowed to expand through construction of a third runway

73%  are not in favour of seeing more flights in and out of Heathrow

80% want to see runway alternation continued

64%  would not support proposals for a new London airport that resulted in the closure of Heathrow

64% stated that Heathrow is very important to the economy of Hounslow - 23% stated that it is slightly important 

30% state that the existence of Heathrow is beneficial to their family - 25% state that it is slightly important - 23%  that it is neither important nor unimportant and 22% state that it is unimportant

83% support a ban on night flights between 2300 and 0700

94%  believe that residents, schools and other community premises should be offered better noise insulation

57%  of respondents are most affected by noise in the early morning (0430 - 0900) - 39% say they are most affected between 1800 and 2300 and 39% also say they are most affected between 2300 and 0430.

45% of respondents believe the upgrade of the Piccadilly Line would best improve access to Heathrow

70% of respondents are concerned about poor air quality and high levels of pollution with another 18% being slightly concerned

  • Analysis based on initial 3000 responses – one third of the anticipated total. Percentages are only likely to alter by 1-2% in the final analysis.
  •  The survey was conducted 15 April to 16 May 2015 through a questionnaire sent to every household in the borough, and an online form.


May 21, 2013