Internet Makes Parking Easier

Applications for waivers and bay suspensions are now online

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The forms can be found at

In order to cover the costs of administering the waivers and suspensions, there is a small charge to be paid.


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People who need to park in restricted areas outside their home for special occasions, deliveries or moving home can now apply for waivers and suspensions online.

Hounslow Council has added new forms to their website where residents can apply for waivers and suspensions of parking bays.

Cllr Paul Fisher, lead member for parking at the council, said, "We understand that it’s sometimes difficult to find parking spaces close to your house, but there are circumstances where we can help.

"It’s something that a lot of people don’t realise we can do, but in the last 12 months we have suspended parking bays more than 750 times. By getting the forms online, it’s now even easier to apply, and can make that little bit of difference.

"We have also made our form to apply for a waiver for funerals or wakes available online, which I hope people find helpful."

In order to provide reasonable notice to other road users, the council need to place signs around the suspended parking bays. To allow them to do this, there are notice periods for suspension requests, usually 10 days.

The council also requires a 10 day notice period for yellow line waivers and if the application is accepted a form is sent to the customer to display on the dashboard of the vehicle.

All applications for suspensions or waivers are considered on their merits says Hounslow's parking department. They are assessed for the impact it would have on other road users, and are not normally considered where it is deemed to be for convenience rather than necessity.

November 18, 2009