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Ravenscourt Dental Practice's Dr Hitesh Batavia offers advice on making a fresh start

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In his first column of the year, Dr Hitesh Batavia of Ravenscourt Dental Practice offers advice on giving your mouth a fresh start in 2014.

Happy New Year! I hope your festive season was a peaceful time with family and friends, and full of treats. I am certainly carrying around the proof of all the puddings that have been enjoyed and I am sure this will resonate with many of you.

What are your New Year’s resolutions?

This January how many New Year’s resolutions have you made? How many will you be able to stick to? Are some of them life changing i.e. are you planning on changing the habits of a lifetime?

I am asking these questions as I think so much can be achieved by setting achievable goals, that stretch your resolve and ability, but don’t involve unrealistic resources and time!

In other words a little effort every day goes a long way to improving any aspect of our lives and certainly the same applies to our health. Wouldn’t you agree?

A Fresh start – fresh mouth, fresh teeth. It’s never too late!

No matter how you feel about your dental history thus far, resolving to do the basics well from now on will ensure you gain in the dental health department.

Our daily dental regime, and the actions we take to improve our dental health have an enormous impact on our overall health. Sticking to a sensible routine every day can make significant differences, and the good news is - it’s never too late!

So are you ready for the Dental Gym?

Unlike expensive gym memberships that you may regret signing up for in that fit of energy and resolve at the start of January, the dental gym does not require a huge outlay. Twice yearly check-ups, twice yearly visits to the hygienist, will keep gum disease at bay, one of the major causes of lost teeth.

Often a healthy tooth is lost purely through neglecting gum disease, and allowing it to develop. Saving a tooth means you won’t need a bridge, dentures or implants – all of which can cost considerably more than any gym membership. My recommendation is to invest in the following:

· A good Toothbrush
· Dental Floss or floss picks
· Regular check-ups with your dentist

The Benefits of A Dental Payment Plan

Many dentists will offer a plan to cover routine dental costs. Our dental plan offers you all the basics – two appointments with the dentist, two hygienist visits, as well as emergency cover, 365 days of the year even when you are abroad, to help you maintain optimum dental health for your whole family.

To see the benefits of the dental plan please click on this comparison table.

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January 8, 2014