Autism Brought to the Stage at the Watermans

Part of World Autism Day

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Watermans 2 April 2013

1.30pm and 7pm

Tickets: £10; Concs: £5; & Family/Group rate £5 for 4 or more tickets.

Exhibitions - Theatre - Dance - Children

40 High Street, Brentford, TW8 0DS
Box Office: 020 8232 1010
Open daily 12noon – 9pm
Transport: Nearest station, British Rail Kew Bridge, Brentford
Tube: Gunnersbury, District Line or Silverlink / Buses: 267, 237, and 65



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As part of World Autism Awareness Day  on April 2, 2013, Watermans presents, The Boy at the Edge of the Room, a beautiful and moving examination of autism, brought to life through song, movement and puppetry. 

Written by Richard Conlon, The Boy at the Edge of the Room, is a gothic fairy tale for adults, inspired by Lucy Clifford’s (1853-1929) short story, Wooden Tony (1882) about an imaginative child who withdraws from society and becomes a ‘wooden’ object to be used by a ‘dealer’ to make money. It is considered to be the first time autism is explored in literature as it focuses on a character who displays many of the classic traits of those on the autistic spectrum.

Featuring a cast of three actors, using puppetry, animation and live music, Forest Forge Theatre Company present a dark and unsettling story in an imaginative and creative way.

“He was not like other boys... He did not see the world through the same eyes as us.”    A boy called Tony struggles to fit in and find his place. He has a different way of looking at the world, and longs to retreat to a place where he can be ‘nothing more than small and far off.’

Those surrounding him have little patience for his dreams, with the exception of his mother who will do anything to ensure his happiness. Then one day a mysterious ‘dealer’ offers Tony the chance to make his dreams come true and his mother must face a future without him....’

Forest Forge is one of the UK’s leading small-scale theatre companies based in Hampshire and has been creating innovative and exciting work for the region.

The Boy at the Edge of the Room tours UK from March 7 – Sat 20 April.  For more information visit

The Boy at the Edge of the Room is presented as part of Watermans Arts and Mental health programme of activities and follows on from the success of Healium, a project delivering skills in photography and film-making. 


February 27, 2013

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