Ruth Cadbury Announces Public Discussion on Airport Expansion

Air your views with representatives from all 3 options

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Cllr Ruth Cadbury, Labour's election candidate, is hosting a public discussion on the 4th March in Brentford to enable residents to hear from representatives of Heathrow and Gatwick airports, the promoters of Heathrow Hub (the "third" option) and also noise campaign group HACAN.

"I've campaigned on Heathrow noise for over 12 years here and got £25m from Heathrow to spend on noise insulation for local schools. It is one of the most important issues for our area and I'm holding this meeting to enable local residents to understand what the two options to expand Heathrow mean for them, and allow Gatwick airport to explain what expansion there would mean here.  I also want to provide an opportunity for local people to express their views on each option." 

Ruth went on  "Whilst Heathrow provides jobs and economic prosperity here, it also means noise and air pollution for most of us.  People living under the current and the future flight paths, particularly in Brentford,  will be affected - but there is little detail and a lot of PR "noise".  I hope that the facts can be aired at this meeting, and that residents can get their questions answered. "

From 8pm at Brentford Methodist Church, Clifden Road, Brentford, TW8 0PB


February 12, 2015

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