Iron Man and Woman complete Sport Relief Challenge

Two of the Park Club's staff tackle ultimate endurance contest

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Club Director of the Park Club - Ian Anderson

Sport Relief

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On Saturday 10th July Ian Anderson, Club Director of The Park Club, and Nikki Aitken who is the membership manager raised money for Sport Relief by enacting a Contest of Endurance.

Starting at 6.00am, they completed a Full Ironman Triathlon - this involves swimming 4000 metres (160 lengths of the Club's outdoor pool), running 40 kilometres, and cycling 180 kilometres.

Both parties completed the challenge with Nikki finishing in an astonishing 10 hours and 25 minutes with Ian coming in at 11 hours and 23 minutes.

One member of the Park Club correctly guessed Ian's time and won a jeroboam of verve Cliquot Champagne.

Last year Ian raised over £2,000 and this year is hoping to raise over £5,000. So far the Park Club and The Hogarth health Club have raised over £1500 bring the total to over £2,000 with more to come. There have been some amazing acts of generosity from club staff - some contributing up to £100. The Park Club Reception team are working hard to raise further funds, and there is a lot of support from across the Hogarth Group.

Paul Wilcox Group Fitness manager played a big part as well : he cycling the 112 miles with Ian and Nicki, as well as taking care of their nutrition, making sure that they ate and drank well during the Challenge.

If you wish to make a donation please email John Neelmeyer on

July 14, 2004