Only three cars fail the free car emission tests

plus the Council fleet passes with flying colours...


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The tests were carried out earlier this month as part of an ongoing campaign to raise awareness of air pollution and improve air quality in the borough.

fumes in Putney Of these 67 privately owned vehicles, only three failed to meet the emissions standards. Their owners were advised to have the car serviced, which is normally sufficient to clear up any problem. All vehicles have exhaust fumes tested as part of the annual MOT procedure.

The series of tests on vehicles in the council's fleet has revealed that not a single one failed its engine emission check. In total, the exhaust fumes of 38 vehicles in the council's fleet were tested,these ranged from small vans to transits and minibuses.

Poor air quality can have a significant impact upon human health. Air pollution can trigger increased admissions to hospitals and contribute to the premature death of those who suffer respiratory illness.

Cabinet member for environment and public services Cllr Kathy Tracey said: "It is welcome news that so few of the vehicles we tested failed these checks and I am also obviously very pleased that the council vehicles met the correct emissions standards.

"Motorists certainly appear to be heeding the message on air pollution and it seems that many have cleaned up their act and are taking more care of their cars and getting them serviced properly.

"In addition, the car manufacturing industry must be given some credit for this because
modern engines are much cleaner and more efficient and the widespread use of technology like catalytic converters is drastically reducing harmful emissions.

"While we cannot afford to take our eye off the ball, the results of these tests are encouraging."

For further information on pollution, cleaner fuels and vehicle emissions telephone (020) 8871 8196/7874, email or visit

June 21, 2005