He Loves "Mixed" Acton and Church in Chiswick

But don't bother asking Oliver Peyton to go wife swapping in Fulham


Oliver Peyton
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Oliver Peyton revealed his perfect weekend today. The Irish restaurateur says that at least once a year he spends a weekend in central London with his wife Charlie, staying at Browns Hotel in Mayfair. "It's like being a tourist in our own city and it gives us a completely different perspective on London. It's very liberating."

The judge on BBC's Great British Menu says he is too fidgety for the theatre, but usually ends up watching a film in his house in Acton. "We both like independent movies."

"Very few people ever ask us over. Maybe they're afraid we'll be too demanding. I have three or four personal best friends but we're not the kind of people who go to wife swapping parties in Fulham."

Fulham's River Cafe also gets a mention: "It's our romantic spot. It's very much a restaurateur's restaurant and the one place we agree on all the time. I usually have some kind of crab pasta, or a truffle risotto if it's in season."

But most weekends are about spending time with his children, Finn (eight), Molly (six) and Conor (two) at Peyton's family home in Acton. "I love mixed neighbourhoods and where I live we're surrounded by Polish and Japanese people. Sushi-Hiro, the best sushi restaurant in London, is not far from us."

The Peytons' house is, "Next to a club, with an indoor and outdoor pool", (Park Club, anyone?).

Peyton, who runs restaurants in the National Gallery, Wallace Collection and the ICA is a great fan of free London culture but confesses that he is into 'garden porn' who makes frequent, expensive mistakes.

No mention of local markets in Dukes Meadow - Peyton prefers the farmers' market in Queen's Park. His wife does the cooking, even though she doesn't like it. So the family go out often and frequently eat in one of Peyton's restaurants: "My wife and children are my sternest critics. I listen to their feedback even though it's hurtful sometimes, unnecessary and incorrect."

Sunday mornings are for church in Chiswick. Peyton says he's "not overly religious, even though I went to a Catholic boarding school. It's more to do with community and a sense of belonging."

"Later we might have brunch in Chiswick, or cycle to Kew."

"Back at home we limit the television, but there's a deep love of Top Gear and David Attenborough in our household. I'm a Tottenham Hotspur supporter and I like watching Match of the Day."


November 27, 2009