Neighbour Net Publications' Ethical Policy

Neighbour Net Ltd publications are bound by the Editors' Code in their reporting. Further to that we undertake to adhere to the following.

Our aim is to responsibly report on our community and give a truly fair reflection of what is going on locally. We try at all time to deal honestly in our coverage and treat everyone with respect.

An important part of our role is to scrutinise and act as a watchdog and give a voice to sections of our community that would otherwise be without one.

This is best achieved through transparency and providing as complete a picture as possible in all our coverage. We accept if that we seek to hold those that govern us to high standards, the bar must also be set high for us as well.

Our primary objective is to ensure that the public's right to know is enabled but that must always be done in a way that maintains the credibility of our reporting.

In our news reporting we aim to present both sides of any story and allow as many people or organisations mentioned in each item as practical the opportunity to comment and rebut. We report rumour as rumour and indicate our source when possible.

Facts reported are checked from multiple sources, triple-checked if possible. If any statement made or number quoted is not verifiably correct that will be indicated in the text of an article with the source of the information specified.

We prefer not to use anonymous sources but in some cases this will be absolutely necessary to the story. The editor of the site must approve the use of such sources.

In certain instances we may change the name used of a person quoted to protect their identity. This will be clearly indicated.

When a person's words are used on our site within quotation marks that will be the exact words they have used and we will not paraphrase without indicating this has happened.

We do not plagiarise and will attribute words or images when appropriate.

Our stories generally do not carry bylines and should be assume to be the work of the editor and her or his team. Where an article carries a byline that is an indication that it is the personal opinion of the author excepting articles published under the Local Democracy Reporters Scheme.

Photos used on the site will not be altered in anyway which would distort the true meaning of the original image. Captions will be used where appropriate. We will avoid the use of graphic images which are likely to upset many readers unless they are absolutely necessary to the item.

We will correct an error promptly when informed of it. For more serious errors we will indicate that an amendment has been made and if necessary issue a subsequent article with the correction. Disputes over matters of fact will be referred to the editor in the first instance and then will go through our resolution process.

We aim to avoid language that may be deemed to be prejudicial and we try to inform our readers what has happened but not how they should feel about it.

We are an online media and often work to short deadlines but we will still try and give as much time for a person or an organisation to respond to comment as we can.

Our articles will not contain profanity or obscenity. If necessary for the context of the article asterisks will be used to partly obscure more serious swear words. Inflammatory language will be avoided and only used if the context is appropriate i.e. quoting its use by a third party. If any video used contains bad language a warning will be given before it plays.

Any article appearing on our site for which any consideration has been given monetary or otherwise will be clearly marked as advertorial. We do not notify readers every time an advertiser is mentioned in an article, we try to support all local businesses and to do so would disadvantage our clients. Advertising with us does not exempt organisations from coverage scrutinising their actions.

We accept the cost of a meal from any restaurant if offered when we are reviewing but, it is made clear that this does not guarantee positive coverage.

Our editors and writing staff are instructed never to use the name of the publication in order to gain favour or preference from a person or establishment. Gifts of a not disproportionate value may be accepted but must be declared to the directors.

Editors and staff may be members of local civic organisations including political parties. This must be declared to the directors and should never compromise their impartiality. If this is not possible for a particular piece of coverage the person should stand back to allow an alternative member of staff to do the work.

Any coverage involving family members of staff should be avoided and the directors informed if it occurs.

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