He "Inspired a Nation" According to Marco Pierre White

But TV chef Keith Floyd wasn't quite so kind with his words!

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Interviewed by Keith Allen before his untimely death this week, flamboyant chef Keith Floyd let rip a four letter fueled diatribe about celebrity cooks including Gordon Ramsay and Marco Pierre White.

In the documentary which coincidently aired the evening before news of his death broke, Floyd labeled Ramsay a "c***" who had been "seduced" by the glamour associated with television, adding that the "w**kers" on television are unable to comprehend the "language" of food.

Undeterred on news of his death Gordon Ramsay called Keith "a true original".

Marco Pierre White added, "A little piece of Britain today died which will never be replaced. Originality is only original if you're the first and Keith Floyd was the first celebrity chef in my opinion. What he did to inspire a nation. He had this great ability at the stove, great confidence. He was a natural cook. He was an individual, he was a maverick, he was mercurial, he was magical, he was special, he was rare."

Rick Stein, who started out with a walk-on role in Floyd On Fish, said, "Keith was the first devil-may-care cook on TV. He loved food and wine with a passion."

On hearing about his death, long-time friend and fellow chef Jean-Christophe Novelli was said to be "totally devastated". It is understood that he and Marco Pierre White are jointly arranging the funeral.


September 18, 2009