Lifeboat Meets Fulham Pre Prep on Putney Pier

When the local prep school hands large cheque after a fundraising jogathon

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Fulham Prep School


Fulham Pre-Prep held a jogathon in Bishops Park on June the 22nd,23rd, and 26th to raise money for the RNLI (The Royal Lifeboat Institute). Boys and girls form 4 years to 7 years were split into year groups and supervised around the course. It was a fantastic event and all the pupils, teachers, and parent supporters had a wonderful time particularly as it was for such a good cause. They raised nearly £3000 which was an amazing achievement.

As a consequence of all their efforts the Chiswick Branch of the RNLI sent a Lifeboat down to Putney Pier yesterday 7th October for the children to explore. After Mr Ed Thompson (Year 2 Teacher and  Charity Events Leader) handed over the cheque on behalf of Fulham Pre-Prep Foggy, Ian and  Joe  showed small groups of children around the high powered rib.

They then gave a safety around water talk as well as recounting some of their personal missions.  

The children were enthralled and now all want to be Lifeboat men and women when they grow up! So do the staff! Ian  Owen (helmsman), Mark Finnis (aka Foggy) and Joe McMahon pitched their talk brilliantly and the boys and girls were very excited about the visit. Fulham Pre-Prep would like to thank the RNLI for making the pupils feel that their own individual efforts were so much appreciated.


October 21, 2009