Film-making in Ealing going strong

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Ealing Video and Film Makers club has been actively producing films in the area since 1964, maintaining the tradition of film-making in the area. Many of the founder members worked for the original Ealing Studios and have made several documentaries that add the missing pieces to British cinema history.  There are some interesting anecdotes about the making of "The Bridge on the River Kwai" and "Ryan's Daughter" (to name a few) by some of the club's members who worked on both productions when attached to Ealing Studios. 

Technical innovation has made making films possible for a much wider group of people, and the club makes full use of the latest technology to create and to show their films. They have facilities to broadcast high-quality full screen streaming video on the internet and offer new members a chance for their films to be seen internationally. There are currently 25 films featured in the online cinema, with new and archive productions being added regularly. Take a look and enjoy an original piece of work! As an amateur film organisation, they cannot accept payment for their work - except when the films when prizes in international amateur film competitions!

Members of the club enjoy

  • Beginners evenings to learn the basics
  • Free impartial advice on equipment
  • Contact with other film-makers
  • An opportunity to see films
  • Video shoots for hands-on experience
  • Study evenings, talks and demonstrations
  • Active film-making ventures throughout the year
  • An online showcase for your movies
  • Access to regional and international competitions
  • A full and diverse programme
  • Reasonable membership subscription

They are also extending their range of films to include local theatrical and musical productions,  and are considering having a separate crew that will act as a community film unit. Perhaps we will see Ealing Today members performing in some of the shows and choral performances we enjoy hearing about on the forum!

January 25, 2006