Gary Malcolm to be Lib Dem candidate

Local councillor selected to contest Ealing, Acton and Shepherd's Bush

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At a selection meeting this week Cllr. Gary Malcolm was chosen as the Lib Dem spokesperson for the constituency of Ealing, Acton & Shepherds Bush.

Gary said following his selection, "I am very pleased to have been selected to represent my party when the general election is called. With Labour on the slide and the Conservative party not being effective in opposition, the Lib Dems are confident of success given the last set of general election results."

Local people know Gary as one of the councillors representing residents in Southfield. He lives in Acton and has a strong background in environmental matters and has worked with many community groups on issues such as the proposed tram.

Gary will be campaigning with an emphasis on several key issues. He will aim to get more local GPs and cleaner and better hospitals, he wants to see better local leisure facilities and things that the housing shortage should be tackled by better use of the exisiting stock as opposed to rampant over-development.

On transport, for which he is already the local constituency spokesman, he welcomes Crossrail but believes there are better ways to reduce congestion than the West London Transit System. He will be looking to see the tackling of anti-social behaviour getting a higher priority.

Gary added,"We have seen in the recent Brent East and Leicester South by-elections that Lib Dems can win in traditional Labour areas. We are a party that shares many of the views that people are talking about. There are no, no-go areas for the Liberal Democrats!"

 Gary was born in 1973 in Wigan, Lancashire and studied at a comprehensive school qualifying in Maths with Statistics, Chemistry and Biology. He graduated from Sheffield University in 1995 with a BSc (hons) in Genetics. He has worked primarily in the field of market research mainly in London . While living in Preston he ran a busy town centre public house and he now works for the London Business School, Regents Park, in their Marketing department. To relax in Gary’s spare time he regularly plays football, tennis and cricket with colleagues and friends and he is a qualified first aider regularly volunteering for the St. John’s Ambulance.

September 10, 2004