Are Ealing's party days over or just beginning?

Council takes over pub and bar regulation

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Ealing Council's draft proposals for implementing the government's new licensing regulations for bars, pubs, restaurants and late night cafes, will be going out to public consultation from Monday 18th October.   The consultation period will run for six weeks and will give businesses, residents and other stakeholders the opportunity to give their views to the council about the proposed changes.

Around 1,000 copies of the draft policy are due to be sent out to local businesses, residents associations, police, local health services, and other stakeholders for their views.   Copies of the policy and feedback forms will also be available in all public libraries and can be viewed and downloaded on the council's internet site on   The licensing team can also be contacted with comments and questions on 020 8825 6655 , email:   

The main changes are that from the 7th February 2005, instead of magistrates, local authorities will be responsible for granting the licenses of the sale of alcohol and provision of entertainment in clubs, bars, restaurants and retail outlets selling alcohol.   They will also be responsible for issuing licenses for the sale of food between 11pm and 5am.   The act also allows for pubs, clubs, cafés and restaurants to open for longer hours.

The new law is underpinned by four licensing objectives that local authorities have a duty to promote.   They are:

·         The prevention of crime and disorder
·         Public safety
·         The protection of children from harm
·         The prevention of public nuisance  

Cllr John Delaney said, "Now is the opportunity for people and businesses in Ealing to have their say about the new licensing arrangements.   We want as many people as possible to feed back their views and we'll take these on board to form our final policy.  

" While these changes will mean that premises can open for longer, there will also be powers for us to make safeguard residents rights when granting licences and to revoke a licence if the premises is not operating responsibly."

A public meeting will be held on Monday 1st November at Acton Town Hall to be chaired and addressed by Cllr Philip Portwood, chair of Regulatory committee and Cllr Stephen Sears, cabinet member for streets and environment.   From 2pm to 4pm the meeting will be for business trades people and from 6pm to 8pm for interested members of the public.   There is no need to book for the meeting.   

This could have a big impact on local town centres. How do we get the balance between lively and fun versus safe and clean? How do we encourage our bars and restaurants without encouraging throwing up on a Saturday night? Would our society benefit from the more relaxed continental approach to alcohol rather than our "let's down the pints before time is called" attitude? Does extending hours have that effect anyway? Have your say while the council is forming its policy - don't wait and complain later!

October 25, 2004