Ealing Police Stabbings - Case 0pens

Court hears of five day crime spree

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PC Paul Madden

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The Old Bailey has heard how a knifeman cut a police officer's throat in front of shoppers in Ealing Broadway.

John Onyenaychi used "lethal and extreme violence" injuring three officers and critically injuring PC Paul Madden last December.

Mr Altman, prosecuting, told the court that the attack on 15 December was the culmination of a five-day crime spree by the accused.

He said PC Madden, with two PCSOs, was called to arrest Mr Onyenaychi who had been stopped by bus ticket inspectors.

Mr Onyenaychi lashed out at PC Madden, 23, and community support officers Piotr Dolata, 27, and Steven Constable in front of shocked Christmas shoppers.

"He savagely stabbed and cut the throat of PC Paul Madden who was about to arrest him", Mr Altman said.

"He then stabbed PCSO Piotr Dolata who went to Constable Madden's aid.

"He then slashed another PCSO, Steven Constable, who became involved in a violent struggle to stop Onyenaychi."

Mr Altman said it was thanks to the quick thinking of a retired surgeon, response teams and hospital doctors that PC Madden's life was saved.

The court heard that four days earlier, Mr Onyenaychi allegedly stabbed a man five times, causing serious wounds, in a minicab office in Brentford, west London, after a failed robbery.

Two days before that he stole a laptop from a man in Fulham, west London, after threatening him with a knife, the court heard.

Mr Altman said: "He threatened to kill the man unless he handed over the laptop. He boasted, 'I do this for a living'."

The judge told jurors Mr Onyenaychi was not in the dock because he had chosen to stay in his cell.

Mr Onyenaychi, 30, of Wise Road in Stratford, east London, denies two counts of attempted murder.

He also denies two wounding charges and robbery.

The case continues.



14th October 2011