Labour Increase Majority on Ealing Council

Another disappointment for the Tories in London


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London European Elections 2014

253 Candidates For Ealing's Elections

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Labour increased their representation on Ealing Council as the borough mirrored the trends of gains for their party seen elsewhere in London.

Labour gained thirteen seats overall to bring the number of Councillors they have to 53. There are 69 seats on Ealing Council. The Conservatives now have only 12 representatives down from 24 and the Lib Dems lost one to end up with 4.

Number Of Seats On Ealing Council
Party 2014 2010 Gain/Loss
Labour 53 40 13
Conservative 12 24 -12
Liberal Democrat 4 5 -1

The result was one of the last to be declared with wards still being declared past 9pm on Friday night. Any prospect of a change of control quickly disappeared when earlier on in the evening the vote for Cleveland ward was announced showing a Labour gain there. This was tenth on their target list so any chance of the current administration losing their control of the Council was already seeming highly unlikely.

This was confirmed when just after 9pm the result for Walpole ward was announced showing that Labour had won all three seats in the ward. By this stage with ten wards declared Labour had already made a net gain of 6 seats - 5 from the Conservatives and one from the Lib Dems.

There was better news for Lib Dems in Ealing who must have been fearing the worst after the dismal performance of their party elsewhere in London. They managed to see off the challenge to the three seats they held in Southfield ward and Jon Ball held his seat in Ealing Common.

Other than the relative resilience of Lib Dem support. The voting seems to have mirrored the pattern across much of the rest of London with a general swing to Labour and little overall impact from UKIP.

May 23, 2014