Do You Have Neighbours From Hell?

Help is at hand with Ealing Mediation Services

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If you feel EMS can be of help in trying to resolve a dispute then please contact us:
Tel: 020 8575 9500

In writing: Ealing Mediation Service
Greenford Community Centre
170 Oldfield Lane South, Greenford
Middlesex, UB6 9JS

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If there is a problem or dispute between neighbours or community members this can cause frustration, stress, anger and even fear. Such disputes might be about noise, parking, anti-social behaviour, pets, boundaries, harassment etc. For those involved, who want to try to resolve the situation, one way is through mediation.

The aim of EMS (Ealing Mediation Service) is to help people in dispute find a peaceful and lasting resolution to their problems using professionally trained and experienced mediators who give their time and expertise free of charge.

We help those in dispute to resolve their problems with the assistance of a neutral third party – the mediators. This service is available to all residents of the London Borough of Ealing and is impartial, confidential and independent. Residents of Hounslow, Brent and Harrow are also welcome to enquire as, in some circumstances, they may also be able to access the service free through their landlord or local authority.

Mediation works if:
• Both neighbours really want to resolve the problem
• Both neighbours are really prepared to give it a try
• Both neighbours accept that nobody can be forced to continue to do or agree to something they do not want to

Our mediators are professionally trained volunteers, mainly local residents, drawn from many walks of life with different cultural, social, religious and ethnic backgrounds.



October 10, 2009