Local Elections 2010 : The Liberal Democrat Manifesto

'Change that works'

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Ealing Liberal Democrats have launched their local manifesto, Change that Works for Ealing, with a strong attack on the Conservatives.

Introducing the manifesto, Councillor Harvey Rose, leader of the local Lib Dem team on the Council, said: “Since 2006, the Conservatives have run Ealing Council as a one-party state. The views of opposition parties, residents' associations and individuals have been largely ignored, particularly on planning the future of our town centres.

"This time, there is a real opportunity to elect a balanced council where no party has overall control. Our aims are to ensure a responsive, open and democratic administration, which listens to its citizens and is not hidden behind impenetrable bureaucracy.”

The Liberal Democrat manifesto is based on three themes: ensuring a more open Council responsive to its residents; giving priority to the environment; and protecting and improving front-line services. The party says the specific policies in its programme are built on these principles, through which it will seek to guide the next Council.

"We are at the same time launching our Council Customer Charter to ensure much more effective communications,” said Harvey Rose. “At present many people who contact the Council are effectively ignored. We want to see that all contacts - whether by post, phone or e-mail - including parking queries, are dealt with promptly and efficiently, and replies are sent within strict guidelines."



April 15th, 2010