Two Filthy Food Outlets Closed

Action taken over 'vile, shameful and dangerous' businesses

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Ealing Council’s Environmental Health team has taken action over local food outlets which a Council spokesperson described as 'vile, shameful, and dangerous to public health'.

Over the past six weeks Environmental Health Officers (EHOs) have taken action against four businesses, which were in breach of food hygiene requirements.

On 5 July Acton Magistrates’ Court heard that EHOs had inspected Fresh and Delicious (a take away restaurant) in Horn Lane, Acton. Officers found mice droppings in a container of ground almonds, raw meat dripping blood into yoghurt containers in the fridge and a kitchen area that was extremely greasy and generally dirty.

The take away was closed for two days and the owners were ordered to clean up, disinfect the shop, kill the vermin and prevent pests from returning. They were successful and have now been allowed to open again for business. Magistrates acknowledged Ealing Council was right to close the business.

Two weeks later, on 19 July, the same court heard that EHOs had inspected Charles Food & Wine, Northfield Avenue, West Ealing. During the inspection officers found evidence of mice droppings, a hole in the back door big enough for a rat to fit through and rubbish and old refrigerators piled up in the back yard, providing an ideal breeding ground for mice and rats.

The business was closed for four days and as a result of this action the owners of Charles Food & Wine have now cleaned up the premises and got rid of the mice inside the shop.

Councillor Sue Emment, Cabinet Member for Safer Communities, said: “I am outraged and disgusted by the conduct of these businesses. The public has the right to expect the food outlets within Ealing to be clean and hygienic. Ealing’s Environmental Health Offices are proactively targeting and inspecting food businesses throughout the borough and we will clamp down on those who break the rules.”

During June EHOs closed two other businesses in the Southall area.

July 30, 2007