Mystery of The Glass Wheels

Police stumped by what could be a clear cut case

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Police are appealing to resident to help them identify property that is believed to be stolen.

During a recent police operation officers from Ealing borough seized 23 boxed items which are described as large glass wheels.

They are believed to be stolen, but at this time officers have no knowledge of what they are used for and who the potential owners are.

DI Sarah Pearce, Ealing borough said, "I am hoping someone out there will be able to help clear up this mystery for us.

"We have all sat and looked at these glass wheels, that are big and heavy and come in aluminium cases, and whilst there have been various suggestions we have reached a complete blank as to what they are used for."

She continued "The cases that they come in suggests that they must be fairly valuable.

"I am sure there must be people out there with specialist knowledge who will take one look at these pictures and be able to tell us what they are used for and maybe even tell us where they come from."

Anyone who can help Ealing police solve this mystery is asked to contact Ealing CID on 0208 246 1157

November 2, 2007