Man Accused of Plotting Terrorism in Ealing

Supporters claim Pakistani secret service framed him

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Ealing resident Hyrbyair Marri has been accused of a encouraging and planning terrorism from his flat in Heronsforde, West Ealing. Along with Faiz Baluch from Wembley he is currently on trial at Woolwich Crown Court. The pair are allegedly supporters of the Baluchistan Liberation Army (BLA) which is fighting for the independence the area from Pakistan.

The prosecution QC claims the used 'every modern means of communication' to further a cause which he said embraced 'terrorism and violence of the worst sort'. A document with a list of targets including government officials, judges and lawyers, was found at Baluch's home with Marri's fingerprints on it. The also had CDs which contain military manuals and instructions on how to make improvised explosive devises. They had what was described as a "vast array of communications equipment" that included 53 mobile phones and 69 SIM cards.

Baluchistan is the largest of Pakistan's four provinces. When the British left the sub-continent it was originally given independence but was soon annexed by Pakistan. The BLA insurgency is said to be responsible for 261 bomb attacks and 167 rocket attacks in Baluchistan in the area.

Supporters of the pair claim that Marri and Baluch were arrested two weeks after the arrest of Marri's brother in Pakistan at the insistance of the Musharaff regime. The interior minister of the new regime has recently said that charges in Pakistan against Mr. Marri had been dropped as the arrest had been politically motivated.

Claims have been made that the evidence provided against the pair in the UK had been planted by the ISI, the Pakistani secret service which itself has alleged links with Islamist extremist groups. Many local observers feel the ISI is connected to the recent massacres in Mumbai.

December 3, 2008