Ealing First For Reducing Crime

Borough ranked top in London for decreasing number of incidents

Ealing has been ranked the top borough in London for reducing the numbers of crimes committed this year.

According to the Metropolitan Police Service figures for the borough have 2,000 less offences compared to 1 April to 16 September last year.

In 2006 10,993 crimes were committed, compared to 8,993 this year. During this period Ealing has been achieving crime reductions in priority crime areas.

  • Motor vehicle crime is down 21.1%, a difference of 670 offences.
  • Personal robbery is down 38.2% a difference of 396 offences.
  • Theft from the person, which includes crimes such as pick pocketing and snatches from the person, is down 24.6%, a difference of 129 offences.
  • Violent crime is down 4%, a difference of 101 offences.
  • Burglary is down 5.5%, a difference of 94 offences.

Detective Superintendent Julian Worker, Ealing Borough Police stated, “Street Crime, motor vehicle theft, Burglary and violent crime are all down with the borough’s most active criminals being targeted or already in custody. Violence, of course, is the crime everybody fears most and we are delighted to see these current positive trends now prevailing."

He continued "We are by no means complacent and are fully committed to working hard to sustain crime reduction and improve the service we provide to the people of the borough on a day-to-day basis. The support we receive from the general public and partner agencies is key to our current crime reductions. Our main priorities over the coming months will be to increase reductions in violence and burglary. Information and continued assistance from the community and our partners is essential in achieving our goal of crime reduction and ultimately making Ealing borough a safer place to live work and visit .”

Ealing currently has eleven dispersal orders and six controlled drinking zones to tackle anti social behaviour and over half of Ealing’s persistent priority offenders are on remand or in custody as a result of the joint working taking place across the borough.

The most recent community safety initiative prompted arrests for offences such as possession of an offensive weapon, theft, driving while disqualified and possession of drugs with intent to supply.


October 2, 2007