Local Blitz on Knife Crime

Undercover kids and metal detectors used by police

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Safer Neighbourhoods Teams

Acton Central 020 8721 2921
Ealing Broadway 020 8649 3573
Ealing Common 020 8721 2948
East Acton 020 8721 2708
South Acton 020 8649 3574
Southfield 020 8721 2946
Cleveland 020 8246 9406
Elthorne 020 8721 2951
Hangar Hill 020 8721 2947
Hobbayne 020 8721 2919
Northfield 020 8721 2950
Walpole 020 8721 2949

Ealing Borough Police are broadening the tactics they are using to try and put an end to knife crime in the borough. As part of the latest Operation Blunt which ended last week they carried out a total of 68 planned operations.

They have made use of a portable metal detector- scanning machines and hand held metal detectors in Ealing and Acton which resulted in 86 stop and accounts, 31 stop and searches and five arrests.

Also Ealing Borough Police Cadets carried out a knife test purchase operation in partnership with Ealing Council Trading Standards in Ealing on Sunday 20th May. The cadets attempted to purchase knives in seven shops, which resulted in two shops being reported for selling knives to children under 16.

In addition here were high visibility patrols in town centres and outside schools and crime prevention awareness seminars at high schools. In total the planned activities during just one week of the operation resulted in 292 Stop and Accounts, 145 Stop and Searches and 35 arrests, which included 7 arrests for knife enabled crime.

The Safer Neighbourhood Teams continue to distribute ‘Bin a Knife not a Life’, ‘Knives cost Lives’ and ‘Self Protection is No Defence’ crime prevention posters to pubs, clubs and schools across the borough. They have also distributed posters to commercial retailers who sell knives, which state that is it is illegal to sell knives to anyone under the age of 16.

Knife Surrender Bins are currently situated at Acton, Ealing and Southall police stations, which offer residents a secure environment to anonymously dispose of unwanted/illegal knives. The safest way to dispose of a knife is by wrapping it in cardboard or thick paper.

The arrests included that of a 27 year old male from Hanwell charged with possessing a sharply pointed extended needle. A 14 year old male from Acton arrested in Castlebar Road, W5 on 14th May on suspicion of robbery and charged with threatening words and behaviour and the possession of a penknife. Another 14 year old male from Hanwell was arrested in Montpellier Road, W5 on 14th May on suspicion of robbery and charged with attempted Robbery and common assault. Both the youths have since appeared at Youth Court.

A 25 year old male of No Fixed Abode was charged with the possession of lock knife in Mattock Lane on 17th May and 23 year old male from Ealing was charged with possession of a lock knife on Uxbridge Road, W5 on 20th May. Both these men have since appeared at Ealing Magistrates Court.

June 2, 2007