New Heritage Quarter Announced in Council Budget...

...Along with a council tax increase of just 1.9 per cent

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A new Heritage Quarter, £20 million investment and just a 1.9 per cent Council Tax rise are highlights of the Council's budget announcement.

Ealing Council has announced £3.647million plans to create a 'Heritage Quarter' giving a new lease of life to one of Ealing’s most prestigious areas - around Pitzhanger Manor House and Northfields Avenue.

This will be the jewel in over £20 million of new investment, but surprisingly the Council announced a Council Tax of just 1.9 per cent - expected to be one of the lowest increases in London.

Cllr Stacey said: “Last year when we announced a 1.9 per cent increase in Council tax, it was the lowest increase for 13 years and I am pleased to say we can again deliver what is in real terms a Council tax cut. Residents were well and truly stuffed by the last Labour administration on Council tax, and in uncertain economic times I know that people are pleased to see some relief.”

The Heritage Quarter covers the area from Pitzhanger Manor House and Gallery and Ealing Studios to the roads around Northfields Avenue shopping area. It will also take in Walpole and Lammas Parks. The aim is to make the most of Ealing’s rich cultural heritage, improving the area for residents and encouraging new visitors into the town.

The key elements of the Heritage Quarter will be:


  • £2.821 million investment towards the restoration of Pitzhanger Manor House and Gallery.  £2.470 million for the 08/09 financial year, with £351,000 more for 09/10.
  • £456,000 investment to restore the antique-style heritage lighting and bring it up to modern standards.
  • £300,000 investment to improve facilities in Walpole and Lammas Parks.
  • £70,000 investment to improve the look and shopping experience in the Northfield Avenue shopping area.


Council Leader Jason Stacey said: “Ealing has to be a forward looking borough but we should be proud of our heritage and want to protect a part of our history. It is the distinctive character of Ealing that makes it one of the most attractive places in London to live and the new Heritage Quarter will help preserve a bit of what makes this borough so special.

“In the coming weeks the council shall be making a number of announcements covering all areas of the borough and it is building upon our programme to not only get the basic services right, but also to improve the borough and once again make it the Queen of the Suburbs”.

The Council’s 2008/9 budget and Council Tax level will formally be agreed at a meeting of the Council on 4 March.


February 8, 2008