Dodgy Drainage Gets Landlord in Hot Water

Ealing Council investigation leads to court


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A landlord was hauled to court today for failing to improve shoddy drainage, following an investigation by Ealing Council.


Nestco Properties Ltd, which owns a block of about 30 flats in Gunnersbury Avenue, Ealing and Acton (the property has entrances is both W3 and W5), could face a hefty fine after ignoring a Council notice to improve leaking drainage, caused by defective rainwater pipes, which could lead to damp and rot in residents’ homes.


The Council served a notice on the company in April ordering them to clean up their act and make the necessary repairs within 28 days. The property owners were also sent two warning letters.


The case is due to be heard at Acton Magistrates’ Court and the company faces a maximum fine of £2,500.


Nestco Properties Ltd is being prosecuted under Section 99(2) of the Building Act 1984.




December 6, 2007