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Council says streets are up to 20 per cent cleaner

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Figures out this week show the borough’s streets are up to 20 per cent cleaner since Ealing Council took on 50 extra street cleaners, they say.

Eight out of 10 streets are now free from dirt and litter, compared to just six out of 10 a year ago – according to the Council’s most recent monitoring results.

Ealing Council say they regularly scrutinise the work carried out by ECT, the organisation employed to clean Ealing’s streets, and December’s results reveal 87.9 per cent of streets are free from grime.

Councillor Will Brooks, Cabinet Member for Environment and Street Services, said: "This is a huge improvement compared to the same time in 2006 when the overall cleanliness score for the borough's streets was 66.7 per cent. We have improved by more than 20 per cent in a year. It's an encouraging improvement. We have really seen the difference since employing 50 extra street cleaners in July.

“However there is no complacency and we will work with our contractors, ECT to make sure this improvement continues and to iron out the isolated cleansing issues we are seeing in individual areas."

Similar checks are carried out throughout the year by independent body ENCAMS, which makes unannounced visits at random sites across the borough. So far their figures have backed up the Council’s own findings and the annual result for 07-08 is due in May.

January 10, 2008