Neighbouring Councils Endorse New Approach for Gunnersbury Park

Proposals to introduce a new way of management backed by Hounslow and Ealing

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Both Hounslow and Ealing councils have endorsed proposals to introduce a new way of managing Gunnersbury Park.

The largest park in the area is currently managed jointly by Hounslow and Ealing Councils as part of an historic arrangement. But this agreement is limiting progress.

With its nine historic buildings desperately in need of repair work costing an estimated £10 million, a clear direction is needed to revitalise the estate.

Members from both councils have considered a report outlining a way forward and endorsed a recommendation to dissolve the Park’s joint committee and replace it with a regeneration board.

The board, which will still consist of elected members, will be able to co-opt membership from business and the local community. The board will be a streamlined version of the committee and a clear action plan will be drawn-up to move things forward.

Cllr Adrian Lee, Hounslow Council’s lead member for leisure, said,“This is an exciting opportunity to put in place a clear direction for Gunnersbury Park and safeguard its future. The park is a valuable community asset and cultural facility and we are determined that the creation of the new board will be a real catalyst for improvement.”

Gunnersbury Park was acquired by the predecessor authorities of the London boroughs of Ealing and Hounslow in 1925, and the current joint management and financing arrangements have been in place since the establishment of the Gunnersbury Park Joint Committee in 1967.

March 6, 2007