The Next Stop is....Debuting Prey

Creative cartographer renames tube network

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An anagram genius and creative cartographer (who must have been having a quiet day at the office) has re-written the entire tube network map using anagrams of the original names.

Visitors & residents travelling on the Cist Dirt Line will pass through Beduting Prey (Putney Bridge) over the Thames to Puny Estate, (East Putney) moving on to Flesh Studio (Southfields) on the way to the end of the line at Bowel Mind (Wimbledon).

Some names are more obscure than others. The full map can be seen here

Eyebrows are raised at the Flesh Studio of Southfields as it is the regular stop for visitors to Wimbledon Tennis Club! We're sure you could have done better. All thoughts onto a forum thread, please.

September 16, 2009