Ex Mirror Editor Defects to Conservatives

While Bassam Mahfouz blames Tories for 'neglect'

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A row between two prospective candidates vying to win the new parliamentary seat of Ealing Central and Acton has erupted.

The editor of the Daily Mirror from 1975 to 1985, Mike Molloy who is now retired and lives in Ealing, has added his support to Angie Bray's campaign to become the Conservative MP for the new seat of Ealing Central and Acton.

In a letter published in Angie Bray's magazine, which is due to be delivered to every household in the constituency, Mike explains why he has changed his allegiance of a lifetime from Labour to Conservative, and why Angie Bray has his vote at the next General Election.

In his letter Mike describes how under Gordon Brown’s leadership, the country has become a “Frankenstein’s Monster” and how under his Government “social mobility in Britain has ceased, yet there is a plush look about so many of those Labour Party grandees who have prospered in the face of their appalling record”.

Angie comments, “When I first met Mike, I would have never have expected that he would be supporting me as a former editor of the Daily Mirror. But, as we got talking, he told me he no longer found it possible to vote Labour after 12 years of Blair and Brown. I’m delighted he’ll be casting his vote for me and David Cameron.”

However, Cllr Bassam Mahfouz, Labour Parliamentary Candidate for Ealing Central & Acton commented: "Over the past 12 years Labour has been "fixing the roofs" following 18 years of Tory neglect in our formerly crumbling schools and hospitals.

"If Mr Molloy thinks that money was wasted or should have been saved then perhaps he can tell local parents which school he would have left with underinvestment. Will Mr Molloy also happily tell a family who have lost a loved one to cancer why he supports a party that wishes to scrap Labour's 2-week guarantee for potential cancer patients and cares little for the NHS?

"A future Tory government will bring about a slash and burn policy to investing in public services and sink or swim policy to social mobility, that's the Britain he so passionately wants to see, which will leave many Daily Mirror readers out of pocket and a return to years of underinvestment in the public services they rely on."

January 21, 2010