Call For Action On Dangerous Dogs

Hounslow Council urged to appoint more dog wardens

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Hounslow Council has been accused of “turning a blind eye” to the problem of dangerous dogs in the borough.

The Conservative Deputy group leader Cllr. Liz Mammat (right) said the Labour-run Council needed to take urgent action to increase the number of dog wardens before a major accident in the borough.

She raised the issue at the Cabinet meeting on Wednesday (September 18) and asked what steps the Council planned to take to increase the number of Wardens.

“Dangerous dogs and irresponsible owners are now a matter of public concern. Stray dogs, which may become aggressive, are being left to roam. Attacks occur on children, adults, postmen and other dogs.

The councillor claimed that dangerous dogs were being bred and sold for fighting, having been trained in Hanworth and Grosvenor Parks.

She said Control Orders had been a success in Brentford but plans to institute them in other areas of the Borough had been dropped.And she asked why the meeting had been told there was no need for further such Orders, or for additional dog wardens above the current level.

“There have also been issues of people’s safety from dogs in the Bedfont Lakes’ Country Park but the Cabinet Member denies the need for further such Orders and for additional Dog Wardens beyond the current one.

“Dog-free zones exist elsewhere. In response to the growing danger, the Government instigated the Dangerous Dogs Offences with Definitive Guideline on Sentencing in August 2012, giving the courts more powers.

“Labour is turning a blind eye to canine issues.

"The Council needs to act to prevent any major accident in Hounslow.



September 19, 2012