Rap for Tory from tram campaign group

Gough forced to backtrack on use of SES logo

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The Conservative candidate for the Ealing, Acton and Shepherd's Bush constituency has had to apologise to Save Ealing's Streets for incorrectly using its logo on his campaign materials.

Jonathan Gough, who is aiming to make the forthcoming vote in the local seat a 'referendum' on the tram explained by saying, "in the course of producing a local newsletter that reiterated my opposition to the West London Tram, I used the image of a Tram that has come to be recognized by many as one of the symbols of 'Save Ealing Streets'. By using this piece of artwork, I may have given the impression that the organization is in some way linked to the Conservative Party."

A spokesperson for the group said, "This artwork is very much part of the SES image and SES is concerned that
its use, without our permission, may give some voters the impression that SES is associated with the Conservative party. This is definitely not the case,While we are pleased that the Conservatives share our views on the tram, SES has always made it clear that it is a non-political group of residents' associations.

Mr. Gough acknowledged that the group was scrupulously apolitical and has apologised to their Chairman for any unintentional confusion or embarrassment that may have been caused.

He added, "Like them, and many thousands of other residents, I strongly oppose the Tram because it is flawed on environmental, safety and economic grounds and threatens all residents and businesses in West London."

April 20, 2005