Thames Water Says Supply is Back On

Full pressure should have returned to affected areas

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Thames Water have said that water pressure should be back to full levels for the areas affected by the burst water main in Isleworth on Thursday (12th August).

The pipe is still damaged but supply has been redirected from other areas to maintain pressure in the mains. Thames hope to have completed the repair of the pipe by tomorrow (Saturday) and then they will need another week to repair the road. Traffic diversions are likely to remain in place while the work is being carried out.

Large parts of West London were left without water after the collapse which led to flooding in the London Road area around Isleworth and left West Middlesex hospital without mains water although Thames Water has sent a tanker to the scene.

Areas across South West and West London had no water or low pressure including Chiswick, Brentford, Acton and Shepherd's Bush. Other post code areas hit include TW1, TW2, TW3, TW4, TW7, TW11.

A number of people from properties in Epworth Road have been evacuated and are in the care of Hounslow local authority. Evacuation of properties in the area has taken place and residents are advised to check the Council Emergency Information Line on 020 8583 5110 to find out about temporary accommodation, emergency rest centres and for an update on the situation.

London Road from the junction with Spur Road up to Half Acre, and Syon Lane from the junction Spur Road to London Road is closed. This is a particularly busy area which motorists are asked to avoid.

August 13, 2010