TfL Launch Oyster Photocards For Teenagers

In bid to clampdown on antisocial behaviour on buses

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Transport for London have introduced new Oyster photocards for teenagers in a bid to clampdown on antisocial behaviour on buses.

Under 18's who qualify for the new 'Zip' will have to agree to TfL's Code of Behaviour before the are able to receive their new card and risk having their right to free travel withdrawn should they not fully comply with the rules.

The code includes, but is not restricted to,
• Use of offensive or threatening language
• Behaving offensively, bullying or threatening others
• Smoking
• Playing music out loud

The move has come after reports of antisocial behaviour on buses continue to rise. The Zip card will be mandatory for all 11- 18 year- olds from 1st June and will replace previous free travel schemes.

Mayor Ken Livingstone believes that the new system, which has received a qualified welcome from his Tory opponents, will make teenagers more accountable for their behaviour as they scheme will enable them to be tracked across London. However, there are those who believe it will be ineffectual unless accompanied by a proper enforcement of the behavioural code.

Roger Evans AM, Conservative Transport Spokesman said, “I am pleased that the Mayor appears to be acting to try to close a major loophole in the system that he set up. It is imperative that all Oyster Card users scan their cards properly. It has been shown that anti-social behaviour, as well as being inconsiderate and rude, is a key contributory factor towards the fear of crime that stops many people from using buses. By ensuring that everyone scans their Oyster Cards, it becomes far easier to identify trouble makers and reduce anti-social behaviour.”

He continued, “However this will make little difference unless the behavioural code is properly enforced and those who break it have their right to free travel removed.”

Further information on the new card can be found at

January 9, 2008