Improvements to Ealing Road and A4 Junction

Consultation on proposed junction improvements to help traffic flow

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TfL is planning to modernise the traffic signal equipment at the junction of the A4 Great West Road with Ealing Road. The existing equipment which manages the operation of the junction is approaching the end of its operational life, and is in need of upgrading.

The current method of control has traffic circulating the roundabout receiving a green signal at the same time as Ealing Road, which means that traffic from Ealing Road is in direct conflict with traffic on the roundabout. To meet the current design and safety guidance this cannot continue so a new method of control will be introduced to separate the north and south flow to avoid conflicting movements.  However, traffic modelling exercises showed that implementing an additional signal phase to allow north and south traffic to flow separately would create a build up of traffic at the junction.

A4 ealing Road junction

In order to prevent this, the proposals are to change the layout of the junction to effectively manage existing traffic flows:

  • Install two new lanes across the middle of the junction which would allow motorists on either side of Ealing Road to drive directly across, rather than around the roundabout.
  • Right turns at the junction will be carried out using a newly designed signal controlled roundabout to improve safety at the junction.
  • Realign the existing A4 toucan crossing to a straight across crossing to shorten the distance pedestrians and cyclists have to cross.
  • Provide new shared space footway on the northern side of the junction to improve continuity for cyclists.  
  • Drop the kerbs and install tactile paving to formalise the uncontrolled pedestrian crossing points.

Download a larger picture (pdf).

The consultation closes on 20 March.

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You can respond via email at: or by post to FREEPOST TFL CONSULTATIONS.



February 26, 2015

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