Local School Heads Blast Size 0 Culture

Fashion industry faces condemnation for its bad example

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In the wake of a 22 year old model's death from starvation, Head Teachers from a number of top local girl's schools have joined the ever loudening chorus of disapproval at the fashion industry's endorsement of size 0 girls.

Frances Gumley-Mason Head of St Augustine's Priory in Ealing told the Standard "We want people who are strong, full of energy and can keep going on top throttle.  You can't do that on half a slice of Ryvita and half an apple."

These sentiments are echoed by Head of Gumley House Convent School Sister Brenda Wallace, who adds "My girls say the would like to see models of different sizes on the catwalks.  Pupils said that it was very boring and unattractive to see such skinny models."

Susan Whitefield of Notting Hill and Ealing High School said "We need to concentrate on teaching about the joys of eating healthy food and taking pleasure in it.  If a pupil wanted to be a model, I would give her words of warning."

Lily Cole

Over the past few years, Latymer Upper School has produced the academically brilliant but notably thin Lily Cole as well as Aquascutum's Gabriel Gill-Andrews and male model and Oxford University student Felix Grenfell-Bozek. 

However, it should be noted that these three are a tiny minority and most probably exceptions to the rule.  As Steve Sinnott General Secretary to the National Union Teachers states "Girls who starve themselves can't work properly."


September 29, 2006