Chiswick School Sixth Form Students Break Records Again

Headteacher Tony Ryan hails a 'fantastic set of results'

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Chiswick School sixth formers broke more records with this year’s astonishing results. A record seven students achieved three A or A stars in their A levels, whilst nearly one third of entries were graded A* to B.

Students achieved their potential in a range of subjects from Humanities to Sciences and are now looking forward to the next stage in their education at university studying everything from Astrophysics to Politics.

Marcus Lovatt is looking forward to his astrophysics course at Sheffield. Delighted with his results, he said ‘Whatever I do with my degree I intend to be looking upwards...a lot!’

Marcus Lovatt

Izzy Duddy achieved two As and an A star in History in which she achieved full marks. She is going to Exeter to study politics. ‘I am overwhelmed’, she said, ‘ I never expected to achieve so much. I want to study American politics and do something to make the world a better place’.

Izzy Duddy

Sean and Jack Hodges, inseparable identical twin brothers both achieved their aims but in very different subjects. Jack will study politics at Durham after achieving 2 As and an A star and wants to be a journalist or political researcher in a think tank. ‘I am ecstatic’, he said. His brother Sean on the other hand has obtained a place in Newcastle to read Maths with two As and a B. ‘It will be great’, Sean explained, ‘We will be far enough away from each other to make our own way and meet new friends but close enough to meet up sometimes.’

Jack Hodges

The school’s Head Boy and Girl showed that taking a leadership responsibility is a big plus when it comes to being accepted at university. Rhena Eames will be going to study Biomedicine at Sheffield and James Carty, Maths at Southampton.

Rhena Eames

Chiswick School sixth form succeeds with students of all back grounds. Zak Abdille is the school’s highest achieving student of Somali origin to date and will be studying medicine at Kings College. ‘I am delighted to have achieved my ambition,’ he said.

Zak Abdille

Students succeeded beyond expectations in vocational subjects too with Sophie Gayfor Evans achieving a triple distinction star in her Health and Social care course and will follow a midwifery course. Shazeb Hassan said he was ‘gobsmacked’. ‘I never thought I would make it all the way’, he continued. ‘I thought I was going to be thrown out but I got two distinction stars in Business and a B in Photography A level.’ Shazeb is now looking to start an apprenticeship.

Other students who achieved three As plus were Caitlin Duffield, Chris Whitehouse, Roy Peel, and Sammy Mziu, and Alex Boulding.

‘Another fantastic set of results’, commented Tony Ryan , Headteacher. ‘ Congratulations to all our students and the staff that supported them, for their dedication and hard work. Chiswick School Sixth Form is going from strength to strength.’


August 15, 2013