Postal Strike Affects Secondary School Applications

Parents reminded they have until Friday to submit forms

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Parents of children who will be starting at secondary school next September are being urgently reminded that they must submit their applications by this Friday (23rd October).

As a result of uncertainty over the postal system because of the on-going industrial action affecting the Royal Mail, parents and carers who have not already submitted their applications are being strongly advised to now do this online via the council website (the council where you pay council tax to). Alternatively the forms can be hand delivered to the relevant council office.

In most circumstances application forms can be given to staff at the child's current primary school and the school will submit it to the council on their behalf although it is best to check with the school for confirmation of this.

A council spokesperson said, "It is vitally important that parents submit their application form by Friday. If they miss that deadline, their child will not be considered for a school place until after those applicants whose forms were received on-time.

"Because the postal service is suffering such severe disruption at the moment we are strongly advising parents to apply online. This is a very quick and easy way method and offers parents real peace of mind because they receive an instant acknowledgment that the application has been successfully submitted.

"The other foolproof methods are to either hand your application in at your child's primary school or alternatively, for those who are able to, deliver it by hand to the relevant council.

Parents can list up to six state schools in any part of the London on the same application form. All parents will be notified of the outcome of their applications on the same date - March 2, 2010.

October 21, 2009