Fitness and fun - why not walk to school?

Walk to School Week aims to tackle 'health timebomb'

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Walk to School Week

Ealing's road users may notice that the streets are a little quieter next week as many of the borough's children take part in Summer Walk to School Week 2004.

The national event which runs from Monday 24th to Friday 28th encourages parents to leave their cars at home and find alternative ways for their children to get to school.

Many schools are participating in Walk to School Week in the hope of reducing the pollution, congestion and potential danger caused by cars. There are also sound health reasons for children to walk to school - children's obesity levels in the UK have been described as a 'health timebomb' and walking is universally praised as a safe and easy way to keep fit.

One local head teacher said, "The children love cycling to school and the new shelter has already proved to be a great success. I think it's an excellent idea for children to get out in the fresh air and walk or cycle to school, and I will be encouraging all our children to take part in Walk to School Week wherever possible."

Children who participate in Walk to School Week will be rewarded with badges, bookmarks or certificates. In the last year Ealing Council has provided free cycle training to 369 children from 25 schools in the borough.

May 23, 2004