Kew Bridge Camera Causing Consternation

'Almost impossible' to turn left onto bridge without breaking law


TfL - Challenging A Penalty
Telephone: 0845 603 4545 or 020 8253 7000

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A CCTV camera catching stationary motorists within yellow box road markings has been branded unfair.

"I have had a sudden spate of complaints from people who have been fined for being stationary in the yellow box on Kew Bridge when trying to turn left onto the bridge from Strand on the Green," said Chiswick Riverside Councillor Paul Lynch (pictured left).

He added "It is hard to make that turn without breaking the law, and I do have sympathy with people who have not actually caused obstruction or endangered anyone."

Cllr Lynch has asked TfL to review the junction and is urging others to challenge their PCNs.

The busy junction, which links Chiswick High Road with Brentford High Street and Kew Bridge, has its fair share of issues and concerns have been raised that these will be exacerbated when the St Georges Development is complete.

April 7, 2011