Crackdown on Untidy Residents and Unscrupulous Traders

No bag left unsearched in bid to smarten up local streets

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Residents who leave their rubbish out at the wrong time could face prosecution as Hounslow Council rolls out a tough enforcement regime aimed at smartening up the borough.

From February, staff from the Council’s Community Environment Team will be carrying out spot checks across the borough to ensure that black bags are not being placed out too early.

If necessary, enforcement officers will search through any sacks they find in order to identify the offender. Households that leave their rubbish out at the wrong time or on the wrong day will be contacted and advised, but could face fines or prosecution if the practice continues.

Cllr Barbara Reid, Hounslow’s Executive Member for Environment & Planning, said: “Residents are rightly quick to complain when the streets are littered or dirty, but some forget that they also have their part to play.

“Bags that are left out at the wrong time - sometimes days in advance of collection - can pose a health risk. They also attract vermin that tear the bags to get to food waste, resulting in litter strewn on the street, which makes the local environment look dirty and run-down.”

The new administration has made a commitment to safeguarding and enhancing the local environment, and keeping the streets clean and free of litter, in the Hounslow Plan - their four-year vision for the borough.

Cllr Reid continued “We spend over £3million every year to keep Hounslow’s streets clean, an amount that could be greatly reduced if some people weren’t the cause of unnecessary litter in the first place.”

Rubbish should be in black sacks at the edge of the property - but not on the public highway - on the morning of collection or, if impractical, as late as possible the night before.

The crackdown will also target illegally fly-tipped waste and unscrupulous traders who leave their commercial waste out for collection with domestic waste.

Residents experiencing difficulties with your domestic waste collection service should contact Hounslow’s Cleansing Services on T: 020 8583 5000 or email  For more information, including collection days and information on reporting a missed collection, visit


January 26, 2007