Do you live in a flat and want to get into recycling? If you live in the London Borough of Hounslow, their Green Box recycling scheme is being extended to high-rise properties

New recycling containers in place.

Because flats often have less storage space than houses, the green boxes in which material for recycling is placed, have been swapped for 240 litre containers placed outside the blocks in a locked steel frame. Residents will be able to recycle newspapers, magazines, glass bottles, jars, food-tins and drink-cans. The scheme will be fully implemented by March 2003 and will cover both council and private properties.

Hounslow was the first London local authority to launch a borough-wide doorstep-recycling scheme, in September 1996 and now is one of the first to extend it to high-rise properties. In December 1999, the Government awarded Hounslow Council, Beacon Status for waste management.

In 2001/2002 Hounslow recycled 6,500 tonnes of paper, which is equivalent to 110,500 trees, or enough trees to cover 60 football fields. More than 2000 tonnes of scrap metal such as steel and aluminium cans have been recycled. This would amount to all the metal used in a 222 double-decker buses. More than 70,000 people could have a complete set of clothes with the 350 tonnes of recycled textiles.

Cllr Ruth Cadbury, Executive Lead Member for Environmental Issues, said: �We have broken new ground in London with our door-to-door recycling collections. I would invite our residents to make the fullest use possible of this service. With this new service we are trying to make it as easy as possible for residents to do their bit to reduce the mountain of waste that goes to landfill every week. �

To find out more about the scheme, or discuss any problems you may have had with collections please call the Recycling Team on 020 8583 5060.